A global forum for academic and industrial researchers.

The University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - May 12-16, 2019



The PPEPPD Conference provides an effective forum for academic and industrial researchers to meet and communicate on the status and future trends in properties and phase equilibria, important to the design of products or processes. Thermodynamics is the main source of inspiration.

The conference has a long history. More information about PPEPPD.


If you would like to host PPEPPD 2025, the International Organizing Committee would welcome an application.

There is a planning committee in place for PPEPPD 2022. The International Organizing Committee will announce the location and dates for the 2022 edition of the conference in Vancouver. At this time, the International Organizing Committee is welcoming proposals for PPEPPD 2025.

Applications of interest for the organization of PPEPPD 2025
The PPEPPD series of Conferences is organized every three years in different continents. In 2019, PPEPPD will be held in Canada. At this time, we are welcoming applications for the organization of PPEPPD 2025. Interested organizations should contact Professor John M. Shaw, Chairman of PPEPPD 2019, with their proposal, by May 11, 2019.

Proposals should contain:
1. A brief description of the site and its accessibility
2. Preliminary plans for the program
3. Anticipated number of participants and cost, if possible.

Proposers will be invited to present their plans to the International Organizing Committee during PPEPPD 2019 in Vancouver.