Janet Elliott, University of Alberta, Canada

Phase Equilibrium and Solution Thermodynamics in Cryobiology


Carol Hall, North Carolina State University (NCSU), USA







Arthi Jayaraman, University of Delaware, USA

Using PRISM theory and molecular simulations to understand and predict structure and thermodynamics in polymer nanocomposites and solutions





Miranda Mooijer, Shell, Netherlands






Selva Pereda, National University South (NUS), Argentina

Group contribution approach in product and process conceptual design. The GCA-EoS engineering saga



Martin Trusler, Imperial College London, UK

Thermophysical Properties and Phase Behavior of Fluids for Application in Geological Carbon Storage.



Gregory Girolami, University of  Illinois Urbana Champagne, USA

A Rare Book Collector’s Light Hearted History of Thermodynamics


Chip Haynes, University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada

Applying Molecular Thermodynamics to the Coming Age of Personalized Medicine



Bill Koros, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Polymer-Derived Materials for Engineering Low-Energy-Intensive Gas Separations



Massimo Noro, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC), UK

Modelling Complex Fluids for Industrial Applications



Gabrielle Sadowski, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

Thermodynamics of Pharmaceuticals




Shuangliang Zhao, East China University of Science and Technology, PRC

Multiscale Density Functional Theories for Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Interface Systems